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Reserved luxury of the Palace of Hetman Razumovsky , gothic mystery of the House with Chimeras , unique refinement of apartments and houses of the most famous influential people of Ukraine and other countries. Skilled talented craftsmen of Interior Salon "Kalina" are involved in all these as they are like magicians in the textile sector, who create and realize real interior masterpieces. The company founded in 1992 by Nina Nikolaevna Prima is one of the leaders in its segment and it has its own exclusive manufacturing facilities. The best specialists in the country work in "Kalina", who contribute to textile design of well-known historical, cultural, governmental, VIP buildings in Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Partners of Interior Salon are the global brands.

The main activity of the company is manufacturing of curtains, blankets, cushions and other textile. Also in "Kalina" you can design and order any interior on turnkey terms including Italian furniture, lighting equipment and wallpaper. The real highlight of the company is exclusive handmade embroidery, which will make the interior to be the pride of the most demanding owner. Today, Interior Salon "Kalina" is actively developing and expanding production to work in the business class segment. You can order textile design under any budget, even a low-cost one. We offer palatial luxury and VIP quality at affordable prices!

The House with Chimeras

Historical and architectural value of Kiev - "House with Chimeras" is one of the most mysterious and legendary historical monuments of our country. The project is known to belong to the hand of the famous architect Gorodetsky. What magical power has helped to build the building in the shortest possible time and why its creator chose such strange Gothic sculptures of monsters for house decorating - historians are still looking for answers to all these questions today. In 2003, the property of Ukraine - "House with Chimeras " was restored with the assistance of specialists of Interior Salon "Kalina". Now this is the place for reception of the most honored guests of Ukraine.

In 2003, the premises of the House with Chimeras were redecorated with the participation of Interior Salon "Kalina" and it is now used for the activities of the Presidential Administration . Specialists of "Kalina" were engaged in design of curtains and tablecloths, and chose the dishes, which were bought exclusively to match the style and color scheme of each room. Today, the House with Chimeras operates as a museum, so the work of masters can be estimated independently by visiting this unique architectural monument.

The palace of Kirill Razumovsky

The palace of the last Ukrainian hetman Kirill Razumovsky is a magnificent reminder of the ancient culture of our country and one of the most interesting monuments of Ukrainian history. Reconstruction of the palace, which Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko was personally responsible for, has caused such a resonance that tourists stormed the building still closed to the public.

In such a large-scale and socially significant reconstruction process specialists of Interior Salon "Kalina" were engaged in the design and manufacture of curtains for all rooms of the palace. These textiles have become a real work of art, they have been recreated exactly according to the original palace design created by the architect Charles Cameron and curtain fabrics was ordered exclusively worldwide

Private residences

Among the clients of Interior Salon "Kalina" there are the first people of the country, well-known political and public figures, representatives of show business, as well as other VIPs. All of them are greatly satisfied with a high-quality professional service of Interior Salon, which is based on an exclusive approach to each client.

The company has created the interiors of dozens of apartments and houses of premium class. Each of these works is a unique work of art that matches to the smallest detail to the style, character and wishes of customers. Interiors from the specialists of "Kalina" become a real pride of their owners and the envy of their guests.


Ukrainian girls have been famous for the art of embroidery. Each region is inherent in its own unique style, its magical and sacred meaning. Embroidery is not just a unique and enchanting beauty, it includes different symbols and charms that will bring health, love and wealth into the house of its master.

Specialists of "Kalina" are professionals in all the ancient techniques of traditional Ukrainian embroidery. Each work is a real masterpiece that will not only please the eye, but will also protect home and family. Also salon professionals can decorate any embroidered textiles in a modern style, according to the wishes of any client.

We are able to all of this!

Interior Salon "Kalina" is waiting for you!


Application - is one of the oldest forms of applied art. Since ancient times people decorated their houses elements of application , it is made of different materials at hand that were on those days .

Today received a new round of application in interior design, it is increasingly winning the hearts of customers and decorators. The main requirement, individuality and originality .

Our designers will listen to all customer requirements, develop a sketch will help you choose the color palette, the artist will realize all your fantasies, and skilled master embroidery masterpiece will come to light.


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